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Humunga Stache

Top hat and cane sold separately

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    An image of the Humunga Stache on its own

    Rubber ball with a moulded moustache attached

    There have been many famous moustache wearers over the years, from Fu Manchu and Freddie Mercury to Hulk Hogan and those annoying directory enquiry blokes. But there haven’t been many dogs. Until now, because the utterly ridiculous Humunga Stache is set to propel your bow wow into the upper echelons of moustache superstardom!

    Clearly the result of an explosion in an idiot factory, this crazy fetch toy is brought to you by the loons behind the similarly preposterous Humunga Tongue. The difference is it’s shaped like a giant comedy moustache.

    As if you needed an explanation, the Humunga Stache is actually a non-toxic rubber ball with a ‘tache section moulded on to it. When pooch picks up the ball the moustache bit sticks out so that he/she immediately resembles a Victorian gent/Wild West outlaw/member of the Village People. With fur, paws and a shiny nose. It’s totally barking.

    Whether you’re playing fetch in the park or attempting to go indognito down the high street, your four-legged friend will never tire of causing consternation amongst sniggering onlookers.

    Indeed, any dog sporting this rubbery blob of facial topiary is guaranteed to attract attention from the slobbering yaparazzi. The opportunities for taking daft photos are endless. You can even give your dog a suitably tache-tastic nickname: Salvador Doggie, Bark Twain, Wyatt Slurp – the possibilities are truly, erm, limited.

    A brilliant gift for dogs (and owners) with a good sense of humour, the Humunga Stache is the funniest dog toy we’ve seen since… well, since the Humunga Tongue. So don’t just sit there playing dead, get lively and hit the Buy button. Woof!

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