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Humphrey Whale Cocktail Shaker

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Humphrey Whale Cocktail Shaker
Love it as much as we do?
  • Shake up your cocktails in the belly of a whale
  • Twist off his tail and pour ingredients into his butt
  • Holds 450ml of your delicious boozy concoctions
  • Rests casually on his fins when not in use
Meet Humphrey the Whale Cocktail Shaker, he puts up with a lot of sh*t to make your drinks taste incredible.

Unscrew his silicone tail, then pour alcohol, fruit and other cocktail ingredients into his butt (that explains the wry smile on his face) and give him a damned good shake.

His generous belly holds 450ml of your delicious boozy concoctions, and when he's not being abused he rests casually on his stainless steel fins.

Pour thing.

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