Human Snot and Brain Jam
  • Human Snot and Brain Jam
  • Human Snot and Brain Jam

Human Snot and Brain Jam

Mmm, brain matter and snot

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  • Sold separately – pick your favourite bodily blend or buy both!
  • Delicious preserves disguised as stomach-churning human excretions
  • Guaranteed to amuse and revolt in equal measure
  • Created by the inspiring children's charity – Ministry of Stories
  • Saves you hours of picking your nose/brain


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to spread brain matter and snot on your toast? We hope not, but it would be fun to have a few jars in the cupboard, even if they were not entirely real. So thank goodness for Hoxton Street Monster Supplies Human Preserves. Mmm, frontal lobe!

Brought to you by the Ministry of Stories, a Hoxton-based charity workshop set up to encourage children’s imaginations and help them write their own stories, these gruesomely packaged high quality preserves are guaranteed to amuse and revolt in equal measure.

There's two delicious bodily blends to choose from – First up is Olde Fashioned Brain Jam (aka raspberry preserve), ‘delightful spread thickly on just about anything, especially a human limb.’ Next there’s Thickest Human Snot (aka lemon curd), ‘the ultimate delicacy at any self-respecting monster’s table.’

More repugnantly fascinating than Jackie Stallone and David Gest combined, Human Preserves are perfect for Halloween parties or any other bodily-function-themed shindig (well you never know). You can even give them as ever-so-slightly sicko gifts. Granny will love ‘em. Maybe.

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  • "An order just as promised and working a treat, no one wants it. That's OK, more for me. As always, everything from Firebox is excellent."
    Dave - 16th of April, 2015