Hugs and Kisses Tokens
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Hugs and Kisses Tokens

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    Comes in a nice bag

    Comes in a nice carry bag

    OMG! We just love hugs and kisses, especially those X and O ones all you tech crazy PPL are obsessed with. So why not quit texting for a mo and say XOXOXO to Hugs and Kisses Tokens.

    Cast in pewter, these cute little charms are the perfect way to subtly express your feelings and deliver hugs and kisses without receiving a restraining order or getting a slap. Send them to would-be Valentines, potential partners or even long-term lovers. Armed with a few Hugs and Kisses Tokens loved ones will never be far from your thoughts.

    All the tokens in a row

    There are three hug and three kiss tokens

    There are six charms in each set and they come complete with an attractive burgundy organza bag. Think of them as affection tokens to be given out whenever you feel like sharing the love. Speaking of which, XOXOXO*.

    *If you still don’t know what we’re on about maybe you should stop trying to find the grill switch on this newfangled microwave and go back to bed.

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