Huggable Heated Doughnut
  • Huggable Heated Doughnut
  • Huggable Heated Doughnut

Huggable Heated Doughnut

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Huggable Heated Doughnut
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  • The sweet treat with some serious heat
  • Drenched in pink icing with multicoloured sprinkles
  • Just pop it on a plate in the microwave to heat it up
  • Exquisite lavender scent to sooth your soul
  • Perfect for long winter nights (and badly heated offices)
  • Arguably looks more like a giant party ring


It's time to ditch that water bottle you've had since you were six, and bask in the warm, sweet embrace of the Huggable Heated Doughnut.

Glazed with pink icing and infused with a calming lavender scent, this stupidly soft cushion is the perfect companion for those long wintry nights (and poorly heated offices).

Just pop this bakery beanbag in the microwave for a few minutes, and it should stay toasty and warm for a few hours. Once it cools down, simply reheat and you're back in the hot doughnut game.

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