Huey the Colour Changing Chameleon
  • Huey the Colour Changing Chameleon

Huey the Colour Changing Chameleon

Pick a colour, any colour

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    acts just like a real chameleon!

    Huey changes colour to match the colour of his surroundings

    How do chameleons change colour? We’ve no idea, despite the fact we just Googled it. The process is far too complex to comprehend. So let’s concentrate on the amazing abilities of Huey the Colour Changing Chameleon. Because instead of mind-boggling chromatophores, this cute lizard uses gob-smacking LED technology to match the colour of whatever he sits on. Wow!

    Got a red mousemat? Plonk Huey on top and he’ll glow red. Painted the room yellow? Hold Huey against the wall and he’ll glow yellow. If the colours around you don’t appeal, Huey can cycle through a kaleidoscope of shades and pause on your favourite – just give his soft vinyl body a gentle squeeze. If only real pets were this adaptable. (They’re not, we’ve tried).

    Comes with a colour experiment sheet

    Use the included colour cycle sheet to test Huey's colour changing skills

    So how does Huey perform his colour changing magic? In a nutshell a sophisticated optical sensor determines the colour beneath him and matches it by adjusting the multi-coloured LEDs imbedded in his body. Amazing, eh? It’s just a shame he can’t catch flies or transform into George Dubya but we’re sure boffins are working on it.

    Huey makes a great night light for kids and lizard loving adults, and he’s guaranteed to blow fellow geeks away with his high tech colour-shifting shenanigans. Most incredible of all we’ve managed to write well over 200 words about a chameleon without mentioning Boy George, Culture Club or THAT song. All together now, ‘You come and go, you come and go-oo-oo-oo!’

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