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Hoxton Gin

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    Gin, in one form or another, has been pickling the populace and tickling the tastebuds of the great and good for hundreds of years. So we were surprised when ultra-modern mixologist Gerry Calabrese announced he was to be launching Hoxton Gin. What could he possibly have done with this celebrated spirit that hadn’t been done before?

    Well, as could be expected, Hoxton Gin draws its main character from juniper. But it’s the addition of coconut and grapefruit to the distillation process that takes this tipple in a direction entirely new. The result is a smooth and rounded spirit that can be enjoyed on its own over ice, or mixed with other flavours for an exotic twist on popular classics. Don’t believe us? Try the English Daiquiri recipe below and you’ll see what we mean.

    Staying true to his roots in both mixology and Hoxton (a part of London so trendy even the pigeons wear tight trousers), Gerry has created something that’s both versatile and unique – a supreme twist on a classic, and handy weapon in any bartender’s arsenal.

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