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How to Swear

A load of b*ll*cks, sh*t, f*ck and more!

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How to Swear
Love it as much as we do?
  • Delve deep into the history of your favourite swears
  • Learn how to craft more impactful insults
  • A crash course on grammatical rules and adverbial uses
  • Written by swearing-connoisseur Stephen Wildish
  • We swear by it (aaahahaha)
You're probably thinking – "I don't need to be taught how to f*cking swear". We thought we were experts on the subject too until we dipped our noses into How to Swear.

This illustrated guide goes deep into the history of swearing; examining the true origins of words like 'f*ck', 'p*ss', 'sh*t' and 'c*nt', before revealing the most impactful way of using them.

Discover the various adverbial uses of different types of animal excrement (horsesh*t, apesh*t etc) as well as how swear words can fulfil different parts of speech. e.g. ‘F*cking f*ck, the f*cking f*cker’s f*cked’.

You'll be crafting glorious sweary prose in no time.

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