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How To Yoga Mug
  • How To Yoga Mug
  • How To Yoga Mug
  • How To Yoga Mug

How To Yoga Mug

It'll be quite a stretch to find a better mug

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  • This glorious vessel shows postures for each of your chakras
  • Comes with its very own yoga mat. Yes, you heard right
  • Refresh your mind, body, and spirit over a cuppa
  • You don't have to go to the studio to get a little yoga in


Anyone who's part of the yin crowd will be familiar with the wonders of yoga. It relaxes and energizes, builds strength and stamina, increases flexibility and most importantly is a ball to talk about. The downside? Having to get off your butt and get down the studio. Well, no ruddy more.

Now you can work on your core from the comfort of your couch thanks to the How To Yoga Mug.

This smashing mug displays postures for each of your chakras, as well as the Sun Salutation. Whether you're practicing individual poses or an entire sequence, this Yoga Mug has you covered.

Also featuring excellent liquid holding capabilities, you can now get your downward dog in tip-top condition over a scrummy brew. Aaand breathe.

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