How To Swear Around The World
  • How To Swear Around The World
  • How To Swear Around The World
  • How To Swear Around The World

How To Swear Around The World

A fairly fruity phrasebook

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How To Swear Around The World
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  • Insult the locals eloquently and with gusto
  • 128 pages rammed full of foreign sweary delights
  • Featuring everyday curses, X-rated oddities and familiar phrases
  • Covers dozens of different languages
  • Sprinkled with pics and handy phonetic pronunciation guides


It’s still a big wide world out there, and as every adventurer knows, there’s nothing as frustrating as being unable to communicate your feelings. Sure, ordering milk in your coffee, locating the loo and getting out of that dodgy Mexican jail are important conversations, but sometimes you need to be a little more expressive.

Thankfully, here’s the only piece of kit you’ll need to really develop your arsenal of fruity phrases, the guide on How To Swear Around The World. 128 pages packed with curses, phrases and elaborate insults, in dozens of languages; it even includes phonetic pronunciation and pictures.

Ideal for the contemporary traveller who may need to compare a companion to a suggestively shaped fruit, curse an enemy with a painful death or imply that someone’s mother enjoys intimate relations with wild animals.

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38 Reviews

Average 4.5/5 stars
  • "Just a wonderful piece of work. I can't even begin to imagine how much knowledge the writers of this book must have. Truly God-tier."
    - 16th of May, 2019
  • "The person i purchased this gift for loved it, he used it immediately asking his employees what they thought he was saying, all in good fun "
    - 8th of February, 2019
  • "For a language teacher great fun"
    - 23rd of November, 2018
  • "Mine tongue will speak much of the swears around the world- from rude French to sassy Swedes, they are all receiving the #swears "
    - 22nd of November, 2018
  • "The book is great, my sister in law will love it! My only issue was that it arrived slightly bent, but that's bound to happen in the mail."
    - 20th of November, 2018