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How To Survive Anything

Gotta survive 'em all

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  • Learn to survive literally anything ever
  • From blazing solar blares and tornados to zombie apocalypses
  • The handbook for your inner survivalist
  • Get yourself out of the worst 'uh-oh' situations imaginable
  • After reading this you are now basically immortal
Whatever life throws at you, it pays to be prepared. Whether it's earthquakes and hurricanes, meteor strikes or killer viruses - who do you want in your bunker? The guy who read up killer robots or the one who didn’t?

With over 200 pages of wondrously illustrated guides, 'How To Survive Anything' hails from the authors of 'Outdoor Life'. These guys have been providing outdoor and urban survival expertise to millions of readers, and are your go to guys when it comes to which type of firearm kills zombies the most.

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