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How To Speak Zombie
  • How To Speak Zombie

How To Speak Zombie

Grrr-arrrg. Repeat.

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    Learning any new language can be tricky. But learning Zombie can be especially difficult when you’re busy trying to fight them off at the same time. So save yourself a headache when Z-day arrives and get some much-needed practice with How To Speak Zombie.

    electronic sound module cartoon drawings of zombies aaron the ghost reads a book

    Use the electronic sound module to hear the correct pronunciation

    Colourful cartoon images depicting many situations

    Fun for all ages, even ghosts?

    This helpful and instructive book has built-in audio to take you step by step through your Zombie ABCs – the electronic sound module helping you to perfect not only your spelling, but pronunciation too. With helpful asides and handy illustrations it also sheds light on etiquette and customs for life after an invasion. Where zombies like to go out, exercise, or just relax after a hard day of shambling about. It’s all here in black, white (and a bit of red). Altogether... ‘Grrrr! Arrrrg!’.

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