How To Speak Emoji
  • How To Speak Emoji
  • How To Speak Emoji
  • How To Speak Emoji
  • How To Speak Emoji
  • How To Speak Emoji

How To Speak Emoji

An Emojinal Rollercoaster

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  • Become fluent in the world's most creative form of communication
  • The Rosetta Stone of smileys
  • Learn to tell grand, amazing stories in Emoji
  • Hailing from the author of literary sensation 'Emoji Dick'
  • The smiling turd Emoji is a better invention than the airplane


Do you speak Emoji? This cute cultural phenomenon has taken the world by storm. How To Speak Emoji translates all those trendy Emoji ambiguities. The world of Netflix and Chill is a tough place, but you'll be digital age fluent before you know it.

These days nothing excites the human race more than a new batch of Emojis dropping. Undeniably a meaningful and creative way to communicate emotion, it's no doubt Emoji is the language of our times - it's time to learn how to speak it.

Learn to interpret Emoji and follow what people are saying through picture stories. Explore how vast, expansive and down right hilarious our language capabilities are. With a collection of useful phrases demonstrating what Emojis really mean - this is your complete guide to this new-age language.

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  • "So funny I love it."
    Sara - 27th of January, 2016
  • "Funny as hell."
    Erryn - 21st of December, 2015