Hotel Las Vegas Edition
  • Hotel Las Vegas Edition

Hotel Las Vegas Edition

So you want to be a property developer?

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    If you thought Las Vegas was all about crowded casinos, shell-suited lardbuckets and neon tributes to mankind's lack of taste, you'd be right. But the entertainment capital of the world is also about glitz, glamour, ludicrous hotels and oodles of cash. And that's what we're interested in, especially since we started playing the all-new Las Vegas Edition of the classic 80s board game, Hotel.

    Hotel Las Vegas Edition

    Develop your own chain
    of hotels

    Hotel Las Vegas Edition is the game where anyone can become a hotel-owning gazillionaire. The idea is to work your way around the board buying up land, building hotels and bankrupting rivals in order to become the last hotelier standing. It's a bit like Monopoly meets Scorsese's Casino. And best of all the hotels are big fancy cardboard structures, giving the whole game a suitably over-the-top, Vegas-esque feel.

    Hotel Las Vegas Edition

    Drive around the board buying your own land

    Your ultimate goal is to drive competitors out of business. Which is nice. But in order to become the next Steve Wynn you must buy land, obtain planning permission and build a chain of eye-popping hotels. Once your humungous palaces are erected you can rent them out, add facilities and extend them. And if opponents land on your hotels they must pay rent according to star ratings.

    Hotel Las Vegas Edition

    Build your own over-the-top hotels

    Hotel Las Vegas Edition

    A birds eye view of
    Las Vegas

    If things get sticky players are forced to raise funds by auctioning off their properties. The winner is the last player left in business. Badda bing! With a variety of themed hotels up for grabs and fortunes to be made and lost, Hotel Las Vegas Edition is a game for risk takers. But with stakes this big, things can get mighty messy. And that's what makes it every bit as addictive as the money-munching tables that Vegas is famous for.

    Hotel Las Vegas Edition


    Hotel Cards

    We really can't recommend this game highly enough, because despite what they say, greed is good. You'll be hooked the second you start putting your first hotel together. So get ordering - and remember: nothing succeeds like excess!

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