HotPot BBQ
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HotPot BBQ

Throw another prawn on the flowerpot

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    Cooking on the Hot Pot BBQ

    Put a shrimp on the...

    Why sully your garden with some blinkin’ great behemoth of a barbecue when you can keep your occasional burger-blackening sessions neat and discreet with the ingenious HotPot BBQ.

    It looks like a terracotta pot but this heat-insulated ceramic tub conceals a stainless steel barbecue grill. Talk about putting the sizzle into garden design! You can even use the herbaceous greenery you grow on the top section to season the food you cremate on the grill. ‘Ooh, parsley sausages.’ It’s ideal for small terraces and even balconies – and unlike regular barbecues it looks great when not in use.

    Above view of grill

    Above view of the grill

    With a 37cmx27cm cooking area you won’t be feeding the thousands but we’re assuming your garden is relatively bijou, so who cares? We’ll even throw in some stainless steel tongs to help you manipulate your meat. How does your garden glow? With a HotPot BBQ, natch.

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