Hot Tamales Theatre Box
  • Hot Tamales Theatre Box

Hot Tamales Theatre Box

Sweet treat with heat

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    A handful

    Don't eat them all in one go!

    With snacking practically an art form in the US, it’s no surprise they’re leading the way in cinema-based scoffables. Just take the Hot Tamales Theatre Box for example. Hailed as America’s number one cinnamon-flavoured candy (they have more than one!) they’re ideal for snaffling in the dark. And in a 170g box, they’re great for sharing. There’s just one thing we ought to mention...

    They aren’t called Hot Tamales for nothing. Indeed, these harmless-looking chewy sweets have a surprisingly fiery pep to them. Can sugar and spice work together? Of course they can! Try them next time you’re at the multiplex (or sitting in your living room) and they’ll be sure to get you hot under the collar – which comes in pretty handy when the cinema manager has the air con on full blast. Hollywood (and America), we salute you.
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