Hot Pink Oyster Mushrooms
  • Hot Pink Oyster Mushrooms
  • Hot Pink Oyster Mushrooms

Hot Pink Oyster Mushrooms

Let your love grow

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  • A beauteous bouquet of vibrant fungi within just two weeks
  • Break the Valentine's mould and keep your relationship in the pink
  • Grown from upcycled coffee grounds
  • More aphrodisiacal than regular ol' oysters


Lavish bunches of flowers have become a wilted Valentine's Day stereotype, so if you're serious about keeping your relationship in the pink, you need to break the mould and give them an imposing bouquet of Hot Pink Oyster Mushrooms.

Just add water to the internal grow bag and within a couple of weeks your special someone can enjoy a vibrant arrangement of flourishing fungi, blossoming like exotic coral and doubling in size each day. They're edible too, so you can use them to knock up a romantic feast!

Not mushroom in their kitchen? No worries. The smart cardboard container takes up very little space and is perfect for garden-deprived city dwellers.

If you thought oysters were the go-to aphrodisiac, try these colourful oyster mushrooms for size!
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