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    Hot Hugs

    Quite the cute Monkey!

    Everyone needs a cuddle from time to time. And even if you've got someone to snuggle up to it's always nice to hug a cuddly toy, no matter how old you are.

    In fact we don't go anywhere without our teddy-weddy. Which can be rather embarrassing - not because we're high-rolling gadgetmeisters, but because Hot Hugs have arrived and they make traditional teddy-weddies look seriously old hatty-watty.

    Hot Hugs

    Hug a Duck!

    Hot Hugs are irresistibly cute critters with removable tummies filled with natural wheat grains. The idea is to warm up your Hot Hug's tummy in the microwave and pop it back inside for a gorgeously warm cuddle. Awww!

    Hot Hugs

    P-p-pop in a pouch

    But wait, there's more: the wheat grains are infused with a relaxing blend of lavender and camomile pure essential oils, so your cuddlesome pal will smell as good as it looks and aid restful sleep.

    Yes, we realise your favourite teddy probably has its own distinctive aroma but musty fur with a hint of mothballs is incomparable to the soothing scent of a warmed-up Hot Hug.

    Hot Hugs

    It's ALL about the group hugs!

    We're cuddling our Hot Hug monkey right now and it's becoming increasingly difficult to stay awake. So before we nod off you ought to know that there are several delightful Hot Hugs characters to choose from and each one is made from 100% pure cotton, making them softer, snugglier and more cuddly than any other bedtime companion in the history of cuddledom. So hurry up and hit Buy or you might miss…zzzzzz.

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