Hot Dog Stapler
  • Hot Dog Stapler
  • Hot Dog Stapler
  • Hot Dog Stapler

Hot Dog Stapler

A Staple Diet

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Sh*t Hot right now
  • The tastiest stapler ever conceived
  • Lovely soft bun with a stone-cold frankfurter
  • Classic squiggly squirt of mustard sauce
  • Better nutritional value than an actual hot dog


Which contains more staples, a typical office stapler or a hotdog? To be fair, there's probably not much in it. There seems to be no real restrictions on the contents of the humble frankfurter. Pig brains, trotters, eyelashes – they're all there.

Despite their dubious nutritional value, hot dogs are an undeniably moreish foodstuff, just ask Takeru Kobayashi. So is a good old-fashioned stapling for that matter – we've all enjoyed a mad 5 minutes where we've just stapled the bejesus out of something and forgotten about life's problems. Bliss.

The Hot Dog Stapler has masterfully combined these two great joys into one tremendous package. It's basically a work of art, like a modern-day version of Dalí's Lobster Telephone.

Bang 'er in the office stationery cupboard and stapling will never be the same again.

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