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Horse Racing Derby
  • Horse Racing Derby

Horse Racing Derby

A day at the races

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    Horse Racing Derby

    They're under starters

    Before the invention of batteries, magnets and plastic geegees, racing horses indoors was a very silly idea. And getting that manure out of the carpet would have been a nightmare. But thanks to Horse Racing Derby you can place your bets, scream your head off and enjoy the thrills and spills of a day at the races whenever you fancy. You won't even need a bag of oats.

    Horse Racing Derby


    This nail-bitingly brilliant game is a real crowd pleaser and it's perfect for parties and office-based shenanigans. Simply select your favourite horse from the five at the gate, choose between two or three laps and hit start. Aaaaand there off!

    Horse Racing Derby

    And they're off!

    As the gate opens, the magnetic geegees start galloping around in a highly amusing manner, accompanied by a delightfully daft blast of catchy music. At the end of each lap the top three horses are displayed on an electronic board in the middle of the track. It's just like being at the races, minus the tipsy toffs and idiotic millinery.

    Horse Racing Derby

    Put the stickers on

    Connect the signs

    Attach the lighting

    Horse Racing Derby

    And the winner is...

    Unlike real racing the winner of each meet is completely unpredictable, so everyone who's had a flutter is in with a shout. Once you get into the swing of things you'll be yelling yourself hoarse (or should that be horse?), creating your own betting rules and even providing commentary in the style of that posh bloke who sounds like he's overdosed on energy drinks. You can also give your horses suitably random names à la the real thing. We just watched Endupasglue pipping Party Politics to the post in the Firebox Handicap.

    Horse Racing Derby

    As well as its place-your-bets brilliance, Horse Racing Derby is ideal for deciding on forfeits - ie: whoever wins the 3.30 Postroom Chase has to buy the coffees; whoever comes last has to drop their trousers and run through accounts humming Crazy Horses by the Osmonds.

    Horse Racing Derby


    In fact, in terms of raw entertainment, Horse Racing Derby is in a photo finish with some of the most thrilling games out there. So giddy-up and hit the Buy button or we'll starttalkingreallyfastlikethatcommentatorbloke!

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