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Horse Racing Challenge
  • Horse Racing Challenge

Horse Racing Challenge

Mutton-chopped pundit not included.

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    Horse Racing Challenge
    There's nothing like a day at the races. But forking out to join the braying toffs in the grandstand doesn't come cheap. And it usually involves donning a ludicrous hat and watching said toffs baring their Red Rum-like teeth as they guffaw at Viscount Whatsisname's horsey anecdotes.
    Enough said.

    So wouldn't it be good if you could enjoy the thrill of horse racing without leaving your home or office. With Horse Racing Challenge you can do exactly that, and you won't even need a top hat.

    Building the Racecourse:

    Horse Racing Challenge

    Connect the jigsaw pieces together

    Insert the different sized poles

    Slide and clip the fencing to the poles

    Horse Racing Challenge

    Infra red RC horses

    This nail-bitingly brilliant game utilises infra-red RC horses, so unlike other horsey racers you actually control your gee gee as it thunders around the track. This means you can barge competitors out of the way, cut them up or jockey for position as you gallop into corners.

    Horse Racing Challenge

    Remote control /
    Charger and Horse

    Each horse is controlled via a nifty little handheld transmitter featuring two joypads to control forward movement and steering. They also double up as charging units for the horses - simply attach the integrated lead to your gee gee and power up. No oats or apples required.

    Horse Racing Challenge

    Horse Racing Challenge

    Playing cards and money

    Needless to say, cheering on/controlling your horse is thrilling stuff, but Horse Racing Challenge becomes unbearably tense if you're the gambling type. And you needn't worry about losing your shirt, because as well as two horses with transmitters and a realistic racetrack, this deluxe set also includes a pile of funny money. Two thousand on him in the purple silks? No problem.

    Horse Racing Challenge
    We honestly can't overstate quite how ludicrously enthralling Horse Racing Challenge is, suffice to say you'll be screaming yourself hoarse as your chosen gee gee gallops towards the winning post, neck and neck with the competition. Indeed you won't need a steward's enquiry to work out that this is the best horse racing game in history. So giddy-up and get ordering. It's a dead cert.

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