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Hopside Down
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Hopside Down

Turning the beer world on its head

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    Bottle or glass? It’s a conundrum that’s puzzled mankind since Homo Erectus first popped the cap off a cold one. On the one hand, a glass oozes sophistication and class. But a bottle tips a nod to man’s most primal instincts: immediate satisfaction. How on earth does your 21st century drinker manage to satisfy both sides of his thirsty dilemma?

    The Hopside Down glass is the kind of receptacle we’ve been waiting for: it’s as unusual as you are. Because inside the stately shape of the classic beer glass lies the top half of a regular beer bottle. Apart, the two beer delivery systems are adequate. Together? They’re unstoppable.

    Hand-blown for a high quality finish and standing proud at 7” tall, it’s not just built for looks – though it’ll get plenty of those. The design cunningly uses the airspace between bottle and glass to insulate your brewskis from sweaty mitts, meaning you get a cold one every time you raise the glass to your lips. Or should that be bottle?

    It’s the bottle you can drink out of even if the vicar’s round for a spot of tiffin. And it’s the glass you could sink a lager from in the company of the world’s most rugged lumberjacks. Versatile and useful – that’s all a beer drinker needs. Apart from an understanding spouse who’ll wash up the thing once you’re done, of course!

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