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    Sometimes, expressing your feelings in words isn't easy. And we should know because it's just taken us over half an hour to construct this sentence. Trying to convey romantic messages of love is even more difficult. Indeed, we've known pens to go mushy and keyboards to malfunction as soon as the L-word is mentioned.

    Honesty Stamps That's why the innovative Honesty Stamp is so incredibly useful. This traditional, wooden-handled rubber stamp is embossed with a gloriously slushy sentence which can then be stamped onto envelopes, love letters, greetings cards or anything else that takes your fancy (well, almost anything).

    There are two versions available, one proclaiming 'In all my life I've never known anyone as beautiful as you', the other declaring 'I know in the past I've found it difficult to say these words but I love you'. Yes, we know it's all a bit soppy, but we guarantee the sight of such sugary sentiments in bold ink will melt any heart. Besides, a stamped message is ten times more effective than spidery biro scrawl.

    Honesty Stamps

    Even if you're not particularly romantic (or if your love remains unrequited) the beautifully crafted Honesty Stamp is sure to entertain, as it doubles up as a neat comedic device. We recently stamped 'I know in the past I've found it difficult to say these words but I love you' on the bottom of a letter to our bank manager and he's been avoiding us ever since.

    Honesty Stamps The Honesty Stamp is a great way to personalise pressies and it really hammers the message home. It's also going to save you hours of scribbling if you're one of those hopeless saddos...sorry, hopeless romantics who sends out tons of Valentine's cards. Best of all, bashing your message onto a piece of paper with a traditional stamp is almost as satisfying as blurting it out in person. HONESTLY!

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