Homerider Balance Board
  • Homerider Balance Board

Homerider Balance Board

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    Deck detail

    Nice stripy design

    Whether you’re a snowboarder, skateboarder, kitesurfer or couchsurfer; the Homerider Balance Board is a great way to improve your core stability while honing your tricks – or in our case, emergency dismounts.

    great for hard or soft floors

    Designed not to damage floors

    Just as popular in gyms as it is with the skate-crowd, this simple balance board makes an excellent tool for cross-training, coordination and balance exercises. The specially developed “Sugargrip” epoxy on the wooden deck makes sure your feet stay rooted to the spot while you’re using it, and the roller has been designed so as not to make any marks or scratches on the ground. So it’s perfect on wooden gym floors, or in your living room (did we also mention it’s just as fun to watch someone playing on it?).

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