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  • Home Cinema Popcorn Maker Kit

Home Cinema Popcorn Maker Kit

Make it like the multiplex

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The Kernal Seasons Popcorn Packs shown in the picture are no longer available and will be substituted with another Popcorn Pack from Country Harvest.
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    The Popcorn Machin

    The popcorn maker machine

    Nothing makes a trip to the cinema like a box of freshly-popped corn. Goodness knows how this sweet/savoury snack became so inextricably linked; but watching a movie just isn’t the same unless you’re scoffing handfuls of the fluffy nuggets.

    The only problem is, with cinema tickets getting pricier and home cinema systems getting cheaper, we’re just not going to the movies as much. Which means we’re having to settle for shop-bought popcorn or the not-quite-as-good microwavable stuff. Well no more!

    Because the Home Cinema Popcorn Maker Kit will make mountains of the hot, spongy wonders using the same technology as your local multiplex. Simply load the hopper with the included Premium Raw Kernels and set it humming. There are no messy ingredients involved, and tidying up is easy! When you’ve popped enough corn for everyone, shake on either the caramel or butter seasonings and serve. But not in your usual Tupperware bowl – serve it like the cinema!

    Close up of the Switch

    Retro switch!

    Kernel Seasons Popcorn

    Kernel Seasons Popcorn packs

    Kernel Seasons Popcorn seasoning

    Kernel Seasons Popcorn seasoning
    Also available to buy here

    The Home Cinema Popcorn Kit comes with 25 flat-packed boxes in the classic cinema style. Filled with fresh, hot popcorn, it’s the ideal accompaniment to a movie night with friends, entertaining the kids, talking through your holiday snaps or savouring those rare quiet nights in. Now all you need is a 4ft hotdog and a bucket of coke.

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