Hologram Backpack

Brighten your load

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  • Swap your weary rucksack for this shimmering, iridescent beauty
  • Made from hard-wearing premium polyester fabric
  • Reinforced and adjustable back straps
  • Includes a hidden zip pouch, inner laptop divider and media port
  • Actually made from bubbles, glitter and crushed butterflies
How exactly did the Hologram Backpack come to be?

Was it retrieved from an oil slick? Blasted out of a shimmering supernova? Perhaps it stumbled out of Cyberpunk rave? Or maybe someone melted down a hall of mirrors? Or crushed together a load of iridescent butterfly wings? Or froze a really soapy bubble?

Is it even real or just a glitch in the millennial matrix?

All we know for sure is that this lustrous and functional fashion accessory is going to change the high street forever. It's even semi-reflective, so passers-by can take a long hard look at themselves and reassess their boring rucksack choices.

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2 Reviews

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  • "The shade of silver is darker than I expected, but the color looked so much better than how I imagined it would be. Overall a great uni bag."
    Low - 17th of October, 2016
  • "This backpack makes me feel like im teleporting my stuff into the future every time I put something into it! Its so futuristic!!"
    Julianne - 1st of June, 2016