Hohner Little Lady Harmonica
  • Hohner Little Lady Harmonica

Hohner Little Lady Harmonica

Don’t breathe in

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    scale of harmonica

    Miniature mouth organ

    Why they didn't call this a Harminica, we’ll never know. But despite this missed opportunity for a dynamite pun, the Hohner Little Lady Harmonica is still the smallest working harmonica on the planet. And beyond, in fact – in 1965 Walter Schirra, commander of the Gemini 6 manned space flight mission, used this exact model to play jingle bells to a rapt Ground Control crew. How’s that for a claim to fame...

    But don’t be thinking that this tiny wonder has tumbled out of a pound shop cracker. The Hohner Little Lady has been handmade, tested and fine-tuned by highly-trained engineers. “But why?” we hear you ask. Well, we just don’t know.

    Maybe it’s for the same reason Walter and his team ventured into space – curiosity, intrigue, a test of our technology and skill... or maybe because it’s funny. Whatever your predilection, pick up this tiny piece of history and get practicing your Christmas medley. You never know when you might need it.

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