Hohner Keychain Harmonica
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Hohner Keychain Harmonica

Here’s a little song I wrote...

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    Just like its equally diddy sister, the Little Lady Harmonica, the Hohner Keychain Harmonica should have been called a Harminica. Or a Minimonica. Or even a Harm-min-mon... oh never mind.

    But despite missing an opportunity for a dynamite pun, this titchy keychain trinket can still claim to be the smallest working harmonica in the world. And it’s no pound shop cracker prize either. The Hohner Keychain Harmonica has been handmade, tested and fine-tuned by highly-trained engineers.


    At just 3.5cm wide the harmonica is smaller than the keychain it's attached to!

    Why make such a thing? We’ve no idea! But you never know when a keyring-sized harmonica might come in handy: an impromptu concert while you wait for the kettle to boil; announcing your arrival into the room; playing along to other people’s mobile phone ringtones; checking you’re warbling in tune; or even as a gift to the musically-challenged in your life. This wafer-sized wonder is a doddle to pick up and simply too curious to put down. Grab yours today and get practicing your four-note fanfare!

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