His & Hers Keyholders
  • His & Hers Keyholders

His & Hers Keyholders

Keys? Stick 'em where it hurts!

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    His & Hers Keyholder

    His and Her shapes

    The reason you keep losing your keys is because you keep putting them where you won't forget them. But then you, erm...forget. Doh! Thankfully help is at hand in the sleek shape of His & Hers Keyholders.

    His & Hers Keyholder


    Bearing more than a passing resemblance to the male/female icons seen on washroom doors across the globe, these smart designer keyholders have been created for all you style savvy sieve-heads out there.

    Each chrome-plated figure is supplied with its own unique key, which is then attached to your own set of keys. The idea is to pop your keys in the His & Hers Keyholder's 'lock' whenever you return home. Hey presto - no more lost keys!

    As well as their functional benefits, these wall-mountable keyholders also look pretty cool. And the position of the actual lock is - how can we put this? - interesting to say the least. Ouch!

    His & Hers Keyholder

    ...and His!

    Sold individually so you can buy one of each gender, two males, two females or whatever combo floats your boat, His & Hers Keyholders will add a touch of contemporary style to any home. And poking your keys into one of these babies beats throwing them in a bowl or down the side of the sofa hands down. You'll never lose your keys again. Unless of course you lose your His & Hers Keyholder. In which case you'll probably have mislaid the wall it was attached to. In which case you're in serious trouble and should seek immediate medical advice.

    His & Hers Keyholder

    Keep your keys safe!

    Equipped with one of these gleaming tributes to ironic but supremely convenient design you can forget about fumbling around your home looking for keys and cluttering up your oh-so sleek surfaces. So what are you waiting for? Hit the Buy button - then take your keys and stick 'em where it hurts!

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