Hipper 50
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Hipper 50

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    Hipper 50

    A chilled-out marriage
    of lights

    These days, simply listening to your music isn't always enough. The sophisticated music fan likes a bit of visual stimulation. And we're not talking about flicking a light bulb on and off really quickly or doing the can-can with your index finger and middle finger on the desk to Come on Eileen. We're talking about the enthralling Hipper 50.

    Hipper 50

    Connect your MP3 player
    via line-in

    It might look like Mork from Ork's spaceship but this is actually a chic speaker/mood lamp that gently changes colour to the beat of your favourite music. Simply plug in your MP3 player (or anything else that can be connected via line-in) and prepare to be completely mesmerised by the Hipper's relaxing lightshow as your music pumps out of its built-in 2W speaker.

    The sleek-looking Hipper 50 has various modes to suit your mood, with or without musical accompaniment:
    • Hipper 50

      Built-in 2W speaker

      Music Mode: colours change continuously and you can pause on your favourite.
    • Dynamic Mode: colours change rapidly.
    • Soft Mode: colours change softly.
    • White Mode: the Hipper glows white and can be used as a night light.
    Sadly there isn't a Hendrix Mode in which the Hipper splits open and spits fire whilst swarms of psychedelic butterflies armed with Telecasters flutter skywards, but staring at this gorgeous little gizmo is so relaxing your mind may wander into similarly abstract territories. Indeed we haven't seen such a captivating, chilled-out marriage of lights and music since Jean Michel Jarre last toured.

    Perfect for any music and any mood, the Hipper 50 is a great gift for music lovers who like to be enthralled by beautiful, chameleon-like objects. And that, dear reader, means you!

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