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High Times

We live in Highnancial Times

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  • Cooking with weed!
  • Over 50 tempting recipes with mouthwatering photos
  • Now your munchies cure can induce MORE munchies!
  • Don’t waste your stash on lacklustre brownies


Smoking weed? Pfft. Okay Grandpa, whatever you say. All the hip young ‘uns are putting it in their lasagne these days.

Why waste the good green stuff on a shitty little joint that, let’s face it, is mostly paper and tobacco, when you could trip your entire tits off on a Mary Jane quiche? Or Time Warp tamales? Or Sativa spring rolls? The choice is yours.

A choice of over 50 full-colour superb stoner recipes for the red-eyed Heston Blumenthal in all of us. Toke up and don your apron, your time has come.

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2 Reviews

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  • "Fire box is always my go to for gifts! The recipient of this one was very impressed! I’m still waiting to sample the goods though...."
    - 9th of January, 2019
  • "Bought as a xmas present but I flicked through it and theres a lot in it I defo want to try! Im sure this will be greatly received"
    - 15th of November, 2018