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High Definition Time Lapse Camera
  • High Definition Time Lapse Camera

High Definition Time Lapse Camera

Time is on your side

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    Insert flash drive

    Insert the flash drive into the USB slot inside the waterproof casing

    Ever wondered how wildlife programmes capture those amazing sped-up shots of flowers opening, seasons changing, or spiders building a web? Well it’s all down to time lapse photography. And now you can do it too! Armed with the High Definition Time Lapse Camera you can now take stunning HD shots of the natural world over seconds, minutes, hours or even days – and then piece them together as a video.

    The camera comes with a 2GB flash drive but is capable of utilising up to 8GB of external memory – all you need to do is set it up and walk away. The waterproof casing means this rugged little camera is perfectly suited to life in the great outdoors and it’ll blend so discreetly into the background that wildlife will walk right past, completely oblivious.

    animation showing time lapse frames

    Set it up to film anything over a set period of time. You're only restricted by your imagination!


    Includes adjustable stand, 2GB flash drive and 4x AA batteries (not shown)

    Choose from up to six preset time-lapse settings, or calibrate your own. When you are finally ready to view your snaps, this brilliant little gadget will even stitch them together as an AVI video. So you can watch real life playing out at super-speed.

    Ideal for making your own nature films, it’s also great for capturing family events. Track your summer in the garden, building the shed, redecorating a room, or just a year in the life of your kitchen. You’d be amazed at how interesting even the smallest changes over time become when you can watch them all happening in a few seconds. We really must clean those cobwebs over the cooker.

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