Hide & Seek Safari Tiger
  • Hide & Seek Safari Tiger

Hide & Seek Safari Tiger

Burning bright... nope, colder... ice cold...

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    Tiger, tiger, burning bright, in the forests of the night. What immortal hand or eye could frame thy fearful symmetry? Also... where the flippin’ heck are you?

    That’s the real question when you play Hide & Seek Safari Tiger; because the aim of this brilliant electronic game is to track down the missing stripey jungle cat. Is he in the living room? Is he in the garden? Use the special Seeker wand to guide you.

    hiding tiger waving seekers wand close up of lights

    One person hides the tiger out of sight

    The other player waves the Seeker wand

    More lights illuminate when you're facing the right direction

    Lights on the wand will shine when you’re getting closer, and it will even sound when you are really close. It’s a great game to be played between two people (a hider and a seeker), but you can also play with more than one wand. Buy more and you can hunt the tiger as a group, in teams, or individually. It’s a brilliant update on the hotter/colder game – although we will miss our siblings yelling “hot”... “scorching”... “burning up!”... “my face is melting!”, etc.

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