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Hide and Seek Plush
  • Hide and Seek Plush

Hide and Seek Plush

Have you seen my monkey?

Product not available at the moment.

    Lion also available

    If you’ve ever played hide and seek on your own, you’ll know it’s not much fun. So when your kiddie’s friends aren’t around to play; Hide & Seek Plush is a great way to get them up and about. Simply hide the soft, cuddly Monkey or Lion somewhere in the house (within their reach) and your child can use the tracking wand to find them.

    This clever device sends a short-range signal to the hidden plush character. When the wand is near, they’ll chatter or roar until you find them. So your child can happily wander around the house, waving the wand as they go; and slowly zero in on the cuddly animal’s whereabouts.

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