Hidden Animal Teacups
  • Hidden Animal Teacups

Hidden Animal Teacups

There’s a bear in my brew!

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    animal surprise

    If you go down to the woods today...

    Typical isn’t it? You put your cup of tea down for 5 minutes and an owl climbs in. Well, perhaps it’s not typical... but with Hidden Animal Teacups you’ll always be sure to find a cute critter waiting at the bottom of your beverage.

    The more they drain their cup, the more of the animal will be revealed!.But don’t worry, there aren’t any nasty surprises at the bottom. Just the nagging temptation to put the kettle on again...

    Why? We’ve no idea! But with an owl, fox or bear moulded into the base of these ceramic cups they’ll be sure to surprise and delight your guests.

    different shape for each character

    Each animal comes in a different shape cup (from l-r): Bear, Owl and Fox


    Cheers big ears!

    But watch your guests splutter in surprise as they see a bear emerging from their brew. Or a fox in their coffee. Or an owl in their Ovaltine. Indeed, with three different friendly animals moulded into these high quality ceramic cups you’ll never be short of company when you stop for a cuppa.

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