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Heritage Deluxe Table Radio
  • Heritage Deluxe Table Radio

Heritage Deluxe Table Radio

The future’s gone retro

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    Heritage Deluxe Table Radio in the lounge

    Perfect for your modern retro lounge!

    There are plenty of do-it-all DAB radios out there. But none tick as many ‘wow’ boxes as the Revo Heritage Deluxe Table Radio. Why? Well for starters this gorgeously engineered block of multi-platform tech doesn’t look like a plasticky alien suppository. It looks like a traditional upright radio. It’s even *gasp* box-shaped with *bigger gasp* walnut veneer casing.

    But enough already with the retro-chic aesthetics, what can it do? Well, in addition to predictably cool stuff such as high-sensitivity DAB, DAB+, FM and WiFi internet radio (access to over 11,000 stations), the Heritage functions as a fully fledged iPod/iPhone dock, and offers wireless audio streaming via PC or Mac. Phew! If this doesn’t entertain your media-saturated lugholes, nothing will. It even features a digital alarm clock and iPod video output.

    Remote control mp3 buttons The on-board Joystick

    Remote control

    Neat mp3 buttons

    The on-board joystick!

    The iPod/iPhone dock

    The iPod/iPhone dock

    Despite its striking wood/aluminium 60s-styling, the Heritage boasts serious 21st century performance. Crystal-clear audio is delivered via a custom-designed 3” neodymium speaker driver, driven by a superb high fidelity 7W amplifier. Even insipid talent show winners sound punchy through this stylish baby.

    The volume dial on the Heritage Deluxe Table Radio

    Beautiful walnut veneer finish

    But what about dials and knobs? Oh, behave! This amazing sound machine is controlled via an intuitive on-board joystick system and a separate remote control. Finding your favourites has never been easier.

    Throw in a large white-on-black, graphical OLED display, ten memory presets in each radio mode and you’re looking at…well, you’re looking at the Revo Heritage, possibly the finest noise-maker you’ll ever have the pleasure to play with. As St Tony of Blackburn might say: sensational!

    Buttons, controls and connections:
    The controls and buttons
    N.B. The Heritage comes with a free 30 day trial subscription to Thereafter, if you’d like to continue using the service, a £3.00 monthly subscription charge applies.

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