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Herb Saver
  • Herb Saver

Herb Saver

Fresh herb storage system

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    Herb Savor

    Store in the fridge

    Fresh herbs are fantastic. But unlike the suspiciously lush selection sitting on Jamie Oliver’s pretend windowsill they have a habit of wilting the second you pick ‘em or remove their supermarket wrapping. That’s why you need a Herb Saver.
    Herb Savor

    Works great with asparagus too!

    Despite sounding like some avant-garde jazz saxophonist, the Herb Saver is actually an ingenious pod that prolongs the life of fresh herbs for up to 3 weeks. Simply pop in your favourite flavoursome greenery (parsley, coriander or even asparagus), replace the clear cover and fill the base with water. Job done! It even fits inside the fridge door.

    Herb Savor

    Pour fresh water in the back

    Because stems remain submerged herbs are irrigated continually, keeping them fresher for longer. Buy a few Herb Savers and you’ll always have mint for mojitos, coriander for curries and parsley for pasta. And those are just the alliterative examples. Best of all this sleek gizmo makes any herb look like verdant alien topiary trapped inside a mini stasis pod. Steady on with those herbs!

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