Henry Desktop Vacuum
  • Henry Desktop Vacuum

Henry Desktop Vacuum

I'm gonna get ya, sucka!

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    Henry Desktop Vacuum

    Good clean fun!

    Aw, Henry! It's not often you develop an emotional attachment to a vacuum cleaner. Hi-tech cyclonic jobs are too flashy, upright push-alongs are too old-fashioned, and those stupid contraptions councils use to blow litter everywhere are plain useless. Henry, on the other hand, is utterly lovable. And that's why you'll adore this mini desktop version.

    Henry Desktop Vacuum

    New: Henry's girlfriend Hetty!

    Just like its smiley sibling, the Henry Desktop Vacuum is as much cartoon character as it is household appliance. In fact this fully-licensed sucker is so cute he'll appeal to captains of industry as well as all you geeks with fluff-flecked keyboards. (At least we think he will).

    Henry Desktop Vacuum

    Dust compartment

    Powered by 3xAA batteries, Henry is ideal for sucking up biccy crumbs and unidentified specks from your work space, and he'll whoosh up the dust on electronic bits and bobs faster than you can say 'Yikes, not more of that IT guy's dandruff.' And that can only be good because life's too short to waste time faffing about with dusters and soggy specialist wipes. What's more Henry's generous drum section can hold a considerable amount of detritus.

    But more than its handy cleaning abilities, the Henry Desktop Vacuum serves as a miniature tribute to one helluva popular sucker - over 6 million of the full-sized units have been sold worldwide. Indeed, Henry makes R2D2 look like a right WALL-E.

    Henry Desktop Vacuum

    Cute size

    A charming and practical addition to almost any surface, this daft but endearing gizmo is so cheap we see no reason why you wouldn't want to hit the Buy button right now. Yes, you could manhandle a full size Henry onto your desk but that would be ridiculous, mainly because it would obscure your view of this gorgeously orangey website. Sucker!

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