Revolutionary Whirlybird!

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      Once upon a time, owning an RC helicopter was tantamount to owning a real one. They were playthings of the rich and annoying; plus licences were required, park keepers had to be bribed, petrol needed to be bought and, unless you wanted to end up surveying the burning wreckage of your pride and joy, flying lessons were compulsory.

      Thankfully times change, and itÂ’s now possible to pilot your very own RC chopper without having to subscribe to Anorak Weekly. But itÂ’s not all good news, because plenty of the RC choppers we see are about as impressive as those falling sycamore thingies. Not so the devilishly named HeliChopper. This fully functional whirlybird boasts a nifty twin motor drive, pivoting rotor head and independent tail rotor, giving it fantastically realistic flight characteristics and incredible manoeuvrability.

      With its powerful pistol-style transmitter featuring multi-microchip technology and a steering wheel for total control, HeliChopper is infinitely easier to fly than the real thing (not always the case with RC 'copters) and first flight success is virtually assured. The dual channel HeliChopper gives you much more control than other, comparably priced 'copters.

      HeliChopper looks the business too - its realistic transparent canopy encloses a miniature pilot and the glossy Nylalene plastic looks much classier than the cheapo polystyrene of rivals. This attention to detail extends to the monster sticker sheet which lets you create your very own custom HeliChopper. You'd be forgiven for mistaking it for a far more expensive machine.

      Charging is a doddle as HeliChopper comes with a portable NiMh charging base/heli-pad that will power your wonderful whirlybird for up to 3 mins (from a 10 min charge). Despite its bargain price tag HeliChopper is a seriously rugged piece of kit. Its super-resilient Nyolene fuselage is crash resistant, so novice pilots needn't worry about the odd prang. Add to this HeliChopper's impressive 250ft range and you've got the most entertaining motorised, rotorised, flying funthing to ever hit the skies.

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