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Heeling Powers

Podiatric guardian angel

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Love it as much as we do?
  • Finally, a blister prevention sticker that WORKS
  • Cushioned insoles to prevent blisters, rubbing and soreness
  • Adhesive silicone gel layer that stays put
  • Reusable, hygienic and easy to clean
  • Make every pair of shoes your comfiest


Style or substance? Couture or comfort? Sex appeal or intact heels? Why not both?

Say goodbye to the familiar pain of an ankle worn raw. Simply place the Heeling Powers insole into your shoes and… that’s it! You’re ready for practically pampered feet, free from blisters, frustrating friction and nagging soreness.

Unlike the crap ones in your local pharmacy, these heroes actually work.

Shaped for optimal comfort, these gel insoles are expertly cushioned and have a silicone adhesive layer that stays puts through any amount of sweat, motion and pressure you put it through.

Speaking of sweat, you won’t be having much of that. The Heeling Powers insole has a breathable upper to keep your feet feeling fresh. And no weird squeaking noises like those other inferior silicone insoles.

An indispensable product to have safely tucked away at home or in your handbag for when those gorgeous new LK Bennetts start having a dig at your hardworking feet. Never have to make a painful emergency waddle to Boots because of burst-blister grief again.

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  • "I bought some heeling powers gel insoles to make my gorgeous new pair of shoes more comfy and I am so glad I did!"
    - 9th of November, 2018