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Hedgehog Planter

Adorable Little Prick

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Hedgehog Planter
Love it as much as we do?
  • Keep your houseplants looking sharp
  • Infinitely more fun than generic plant pots & terrariums
  • Made from polished white ceramic
  • Can also hold keys, coins, grapes or Doritos
Give the generic glass terrariums and bland concrete plant pots a wide birth – house your succulent shrubbery within the welcoming back of the Hedgehog Planter.

Everyone knows the hedgehog is essentially just a cactus in animal form, so what better creature to take care of your prickly plants? We'll let you decide which "hair style" you want to give this little guy.

Not into home gardening? Just swap the kitchen herbs for a bar of soap, your keys, jewellery, olives or pistachio nuts.

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