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Heated Huggable Avocado
  • Heated Huggable Avocado
  • Heated Huggable Avocado
  • Heated Huggable Avocado

Heated Huggable Avocado


Product not available at the moment.
Sh*t Hot right now
  • You know what they say, healthy fats help to keep you warm
  • Bung him in the microwave to awaken the heat
  • Do not combine with lime, onion, coriander and chilli
  • He’ll keep you avocado toasty all night long
  • Lovely lavender scent


Feeling cold and bruised like an avocado left in the fridge beyond its ripest point? You need a cuddle with this heatable, huggable avocado.

Just pop him in the microwave to awaken all the hot little beans in his tummy and get them toasty for you. He’s the perfect companion for chilly nights, lonely nights, crampy nights… just all the nights really. And he’s a hell of a lot cuter than that saggy old tartan water bottle in your wardrobe. Get rid of that thing already!

Go on, add it to your basket. Guac are you waiting for?

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5 Reviews

Average 5/5 stars
  • "My girlfriend really loved this Huggable as she's a really cold-handed person and also a vegan lover!"
    - 17th of February, 2020
  • "My Daughter loves Avacados but it also helps her when she has period pain."
    - 24th of January, 2020
  • "Got this for my girlfriend for Christmas. He has been a wonderful addition to the family, he is so very cute and a keeps her great company."
    - 23rd of January, 2020
  • "Excellent product with a great way to package. Perfect. "
    - 22nd of January, 2020
  • "Such a great gift "
    - 9th of January, 2020