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Heated Gloves

You’ve gotta hand it to them…

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    Heated Gloves

    Rob's delivering his gifts with
    super warm hands!

    Brrr, your hands are freezing! What you need is a hot pair of gloves. And we’re not talking hot in the fashion sense, we’re talking hot hot. So how about a big (warm) hand for Heated Gloves.

    The clue’s in the name because these deluxe insulated ski-style gloves feature integrated elements that circulate gentle warmth across the hands and right down to the finger tips, heating them to a toasty 33 degrees. How? A 9v battery is concealed in the cuff. There’s even an LED power indicator. How cool, sorry, hot is that!

    On button and LED light Battery pack Grip texture

    On button and LED light

    Battery pack

    Grip texture

    Ideal for skiing, polar exploration and shopping for frozen peas, Heated Gloves will stay warm for around an hour, although they retain heat extremely effectively so a quick blast every now and then should keep your hands sufficiently cosy in all conditions. Jack Frost? Bring him on!

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