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Heated Egg Massager

Eggy stressbuster, no yolk!

Product not available at the moment.
    Public transport, the rise of the nanocelebrity, governmental U-turns, global revolution, the continuing presence of Lembit Opik on our TV screens – life is stressful, man. So why not take an egg to your pent-up stress with the Egg Massager.

    Despite looking like something you might see a Teletubby boiling for breakfast, this colourful spheroid is actually an incredibly funky portable massager/stressbuster that uses a combination of single frequency vibration and heat to gently massage away the stresses, strains, aches and pains of daily life.

    Perfect for the lower back, forearms, shoulders and anywhere else you can reach, the Heated Egg’s innovative shape allows easy grip and positioning whilst its vibrating nodules let you target the areas where you need it most. Yes, you could hire a masseuse to accompany you on trips but we’re pretty sure that would cost more than fifteen quid. Ooh, sweet relief!

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