Heat Changing Love Mug
  • Heat Changing Love Mug

Heat Changing Love Mug

Warm their heart

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  • Just add hot drinks to reveal "I ♥ YOU"
  • Convey your true feelings with this beautiful heart-shaped mug
  • Add a little romance to the morning tea run
  • Get things nice and steamy this Valentine's Day


It’s remarkable how quickly our feelings change about someone after they’ve made us a cup of tea. Call us fickle. Call us mad. Call us British. There’s just something touching about having a cuppa made for you. Which is why we’ve found the Heat Changing Love Mug, to make that little gesture even more magical.

Made from quality porcelain, this heart-shaped mug is covered in a pattern of tiny red hearts. But pour in hot water and many of them will fade to pink– leaving those behind to spell the message ‘I love you’.

It’s the perfect accompaniment to a romantic breakfast, or heart-warming gesture when your loved one gets home after a tough day. Ahh... that's magic.

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