Heart of Gold Metallic Plush
  • Heart of Gold Metallic Plush

Heart of Gold Metallic Plush

Have a heart!

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  • The perfect gift that for special selfless hero in your life
  • All pumped up with loads of love to give
  • Not heavy, won't turn to stone and is basically unbreakable
  • Extremely Limited Edition


Got that special someone in your life? That selfless hero who never lets you down? What more fitting reward for their affectionate endeavours than this Heart of Gold Metallic Plush.

It's the hardest-working internal organ in your body (100,000 beats a day, dammit) for the hardest-working humanitarian in your life. With its adorably demented and boss-eyed face, this huggable golden muscle is all pumped up with lots of love to give.

It's not heavy, it won't turn to stone and it's almost impossible to break. Home is where this heart is (somewhere on the sofa ideally), so come on – have a heart.

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