Heart Waffle Maker
  • Heart Waffle Maker
  • Heart Waffle Maker
  • Heart Waffle Maker

Heart Waffle Maker

Love waffles (cos it’s a heart and that)

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Love it as much as we do?
  • Adorable heart-shaped waffles in minutes
  • Cheaper, tastier and faster than popping to your local cafe/Belgium
  • Easy to clean - no, seriously!
  • Be like the kid at school who had cool sh*t like this
  • Bring the waft of waffles into your home


We love this brilliant machine a waffle lot.

It’s a fact: you can’t make waffles without a waffle maker. Well, you could try, but good luck replicating their unique grid pattern and maintaining a uniform shape.

With this hot pink delight, you can make up to five waffles in mere minutes from the comfort of your own kitchen.

Why settle for the inferior dry ones from the shops when you could be feasting on delicious creations made your way? That’s right, get ready for Instagram worthy matcha, activated-charcoal, or rainbow waffles. Eat your heart out, Creams.

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  • "Best gift ever!"
    Khadija - 1st of June, 2018