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Heart Squishtie

Huggable heart

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    If you've had a good surf around our site, you will have undoubtedly spotted the incredibly popular Softeeze. Short of cuddling a foam fondant in a sea of sponge on the Planet Polystyrene, in a galaxy of bubbles in the doughnut dimension, we honestly believe that the staggeringly squishy Softeeze is the softest, squeeziest, most huggable pillow in history. In fact we just can't get enough of 'em. And neither can you, because the Softeeze has been a regular in Firebox's Top 20 since it first appeared on these pages.

    Heart Squishtie That's why we just couldn't resist introducing you to the spectacularly romantic Heart Softeeze. Just like its best selling bedfellow, this terrifically tactile pillow features a gorgeously stretchy outer skin which encases thousands of super-soft polystyrene micro-granules. These allow the Heart Softeeze to mould itself into the shape it's being pressed into - be it your head, hands, face or body. And no matter what you do to the Heart Squishtie, its bead filling will just squish it back into shape.

    Heart Squishtie

    Of course, the difference with this one is that it's shaped like a heart, so as well as looking supremely funky it makes a fabulously romantic present for that special someone in your life. Best of all you can relax, safe in the knowledge that the object of your desire is getting up close and personal with a pressie purchased by little old you. Just think, every time they snuggle into it the first person they think of will be you. (Hopefully).

    Complete with its own nifty little carry bag, the Heart Softeeze will add a dash of romance to any scenario, and it's guaranteed to impress all those who snuggle into it. In fact, once you've cuddled up to a Heart Squishtie you won't want to give it away. After all, who can resist the touch of such a lovable softy?

    Heart Squishtie Pink New: Heart Softeeze Pink
    Now you can lovingly "smoosh" yourself crazy with the new Pink Heart Squishtie.

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