Heart Shaped Jelly Mould
  • Heart Shaped Jelly Mould

Heart Shaped Jelly Mould

Be still, my wobbling heart

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    mike the werewolf eats a jelly heart

    Perfect for werewolves who like jelly

    Jelly has got to be one of the most harmless substances known to man. So it’s remarkable that the people behind the Heart Shaped Jelly Mould have actually managed to make it look menacing.

    It wouldn’t make a great teaching tool but this half-a-human-heart is certainly accurate enough to give your guests the collywobbles. Serve it up as the centrepiece to a spooky Halloween table, or just enjoy it with ice cream. It’s the perfect gift for medical students and aspiring cannibals alike.

    Jelly in the shape of a heart

    Eat your jelly heart out!

    The obvious choice would be strawberry or raspberry flavoured jelly, but the Jelly Mould comes with a few other recipes. But don’t let that stop you experimenting. Who’s to say you couldn’t make a green one, or add milk to your strawberry mix and make a cloudy one? This heart is entirely in your hands.

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