Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter & Stamps
  • Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter & Stamps

Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter & Stamps

You say the sweetest things...

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    cut and stamp animation

    Cut then stamp...

    In the immortal words of Haddaway, ‘What is Love?’. Well how about baking a batch of cookies with a range of heartfelt messages on them? Thanks to the Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter & Stamps you can show your special someone that you’re more than just a pretty face (not to mention witty, charming and great smelling).

    Simply roll out your cookie dough (recipe included) and load one of the interchangeable imprint discs into the cookie cutter. Press the cutter into the dough and push in the imprint disc at the same time. And just like that, you’ll have a perfect heart with one of three messages; ready to pop in the oven. Choose from “Love”, “Be Mine” or simple interlocking hearts.

    3 different designs Cutter & Stamps

    3 Designs (L-R): Hearts, Love and Be Mine

    Finished cookies
    Serve your baked wonders with a cup of tea, or box ‘em up and leave them on your secret someone’s doorstep. Thanks to this cute and clever cookie cutter they’ll be sure to get the message.

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